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We vow to always be up front with estimates & prices - every chance we get. There are many factors affecting the condition of your transmission. Many repair shops give vague estimates then come back with prices as high as 4 times the original. We will never do that. Once we give you a quote - that quote may as well be written in concrete because it will not change - that is your final price.



  • March 6, 2010: J.Smoak

    "Easy to deal with and did what they said. I dealt with John in West Ashley. I was appreciated the level of personal service and their straight shooting. They ran into some issues with the rusted exhaust breaking during removal and replaced the parts for free. When they told me what they did, and showed me the repairs I decided right there - only Transmission Clinics would ever work on my vehicles! I give them 5 Stars!"

  • March 10, 2010: M. Rojo

    "I got the run around at several other places. Felt like I got straight talk and when they were done, I knew they were men of their word. My truck ain't never run this good! Not even new!"

Free Towing!

  • If your vehicle leaves you stranded - we are here to help with FREE TOWING if we complete any MAJOR REPAIR.